How The Computer Science Engineering in Distance Education Grew and Developed.

Computer Science is one of the most popular choices for graduation in India and even abroad because of the obvious benefits that the course brings along. There is a slew of job opportunities after pursuing a degree in Computer Science and especially Computer Science Engineering. There is a huge demand for expert and experienced IT professionals in India and abroad. The jobs are dynamic as there is a diverse range of job options that are lucrative at the same time. 

The biggest corporations and companies in the world depend on Computer Science professionals entirely for their businesses. So, undoubtedly the scope of a career in Computer Science is incredible. However, for a successful career, it is essential that you pursue your Computer Science Engineering degree from the right place. There are a lot of excellent institutes in India that offer Computer Science engineering degrees like IITs, NITs, BITS, and many others. 

Now, as you know how the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the education sector. Everything went online and distance, from schools to colleges. Similarly, Computer Science engineering also had to go from offline to online and distance modes. However, there were a lot of challenges as computer science engineering is a technical field that involves a lot of practical learning. But then again, the technology today is so advanced that it made it possible for students to pursue this course in distance modes.    

The existing students who were enrolled in the offline computer science engineering courses were taught using technologically advanced online platforms. It was not a smooth process as it took time for universities and even students to adapt to this new situation. The growth was slow but steady and computer science distance learning that emerged out of an urgent situation developed and became the new norm. Now there are a lot of online and distance universities that offer several degree courses in the online and distance modes. 

BUT BUT BUT there’s something that people still do not know. The government of India has not allowed the computer science engineering degree course to be offered in completely online or through distance modes. This is because as stated before, Computer Science is a technical subject and needs practical learning to properly understand it. Only the students already enrolled in the offline course were allowed to pursue it in the online mode because there was no other option. 

Now, the pandemic situation was growing and it was not feasible to completely shut down a course that is so much in demand. The need for IT professionals was more than ever. Therefore, the government decided to allow computer science degree distance learning but only for working professionals. Working professionals with relevant jobs are eligible to apply for this program. Following are the detailed eligibility criteria for admission to the computer science engineering distance course:

  • The candidate must be a working professional in a relevant field. 
  • For lateral entry into the second year of the course, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or a 3-year diploma in Computer Science. 

Learning Pedagogy for Distance B.Tech in Computer Science for Working Professionals  

The duration of this course is 4 years (8 semesters) and the learning pedagogy involves classes held either in the evenings or on weekends and public holidays. Some universities also offer a hybrid mode of course delivery. In this mode, the theoretical part of the program is delivered online while for practical learning, lab sessions are conducted on the college campus on weekends and holidays. Some universities even have remote labs in various cities of the country so that students from other cities can also pursue this course without having to leave their cities and jobs.     

Top Universities for Distance B.Tech in Computer Science for Working Professionals

The distance B.Tech in Computer Science for Working Professionals is quite an affordable course as the fee structure for this course is much less than the regular B.Tech in Computer Science. There are only a few universities in India that offer this course as it needs a strong digital infrastructure and there are other complications and challenges too.  

Following are the top universities that are currently offering distance B.Tech for Working Professionals, along with their semester-wise fee structure. 


Top Universities for B.Tech in Computer Science for working Professionals 
University Name  Fee per Semester 
Lingayas Vidyapeeth  INR 44,000/ semester 
Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) INR 36,000/ semester

Career Opportunities & Scope After Distance B.Tech in Computer Science for Working Professionals 

We’re living in a world that is booming with technological advancements. Every day, there are newer technologies and innovations coming up and everyone wishes to keep up with them. This is why there is great competition in the field of Computer Science which increases the demand for expert computer science professionals. 

There is a big misconception that a degree in computer science is meant for a career only in the Information Technology (IT) industry but that is not the case. Other than the IT industry, computer science professionals can significantly and easily get job opportunities in sectors like Automobile, Sales and marketing firms, engineering and manufacturing, content industry, digital marketing, media houses, healthcare, and education sector. 

There are some domains within the computer science industry that are counted among some of the highest-paid professions. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain Development, Data Science, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Big Data, Mobile App Development, and Robotics are some of these popular specialisations of computer science. All these specialisations are high in demand and offer very lucrative job opportunities. 

Apart from a job after a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, you can also opt for a master’s in computer science in India distance learning. Top institutions like BITS Pilani offers this course under their Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) which is a program designed only for working professionals. The scope of a career after a master’s in Computer Science is surely great and vast and with greater salary and perks. 

Top Recruiters 

The distance B.Tech in Computer Science for working professionals course is equivalent to the regular course as amplified by the government of India. Therefore, both these degrees lead to similar jobs. 

Some of the top companies that recruit graduates of B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering are 

  • Amazon 
  • Microsoft
  • Infosys 
  • Accenture 
  • Google 
  • Facebook 
  • IBM 
  • TCS 
  • Deloitte 


In conclusion if you are a working professional in the field of IT or if you are a working professional with a bachelor’s degree or diploma in Computer Science, then it is a one in a million chance for you to upgrade your career and that too without even leaving your job. The fee for the course is quite affordable also which makes it a pocket-friendly opportunity. This course will give you a great hike in your current position and salary. So, wait no more and excel in your career with this course.

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