Where Can You Find The Best Information On B.Tech in Distance Education?

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) as the name suggests is a technical course of 4 years duration. Post the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all UG and PG courses can now be pursued online and through distance mode. However, the B.Tech course is still not valid in the online or distance modes.

The government of India does not allow B.Tech courses to be pursued in completely online mode or distance mode. This is because B.Tech is a technical course that essentially requires a lot of practical learning through laboratories. So, if there are any colleges offering distance B.Tech to freshers, then that means the degree that they offer is fake and invalid.

However, the term B.Tech in distance education is quite popular. This is because the government has allowed B.Tech in Distance Education only for working professionals under the scheme of the Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP). These programs are not completely in the distance modes but in a hybrid mode.

In this hybrid mode, the classes are conducted either in the evening or on the weekends and holidays to fit the schedule of working professionals. Students have to visit the college to attend these classes. In some cases, the university conducts some online classes for the theory part of the course. The university sends the study material of the course to the students. Some good universities that offer these WILP B.Tech courses even give the facility of remote labs so that professionals from different parts of the country can study without having to relocate.

So if you are a working professional who wishes to upgrade their knowledge to upscale their career, then B.Tech in distance education is just the perfect option. You will be able to upskill yourselves without even leaving your job. It is a great initiative by the government to help professional complete their education who did not get the chance earlier. Computer science distance learning is one of the most popular WILP courses currently.

B.Tech distance education is definitely a great career choice but only when you pursue it from the right place. There are a lot of universities that are not even recognized by the government bodies but offer to provide you the B.Tech degree. Such degrees obtained from unrecognized institutions are fake and stand invalid for jobs.

You should take admission to only approved and recognized distance universities to earn an authentic degree as it is a vital part of your entire career. There are several websites online that provide you information about the various colleges offering B.Tech in distance education in several popular specialisations like b.tech automobile engineering in distance and others. However, you should be careful before trusting them all because the information may be either incorrect or outdated. But do not worry, we got you covered. One of the best online platforms that gives authentic, updated, and thoroughly researched information is Distance Pathshala.

Distance Pathshala is an online information and education portal with an aim to reach the last mile and help educate every possible student and aspirant by spreading awareness and correct information about online and distance learning and universities in the country. The Distance Pathshala online portal has listed all the online and distance universities in India that are approved by UGC-DEB. It is a government body that regulates the system of online and distance education in India. Only those degrees that are offered by UGC-DEB recognized universities are considered valid.   

On Distance Pathshala, you will find detailed information on all the autherised online and distance courses in India at all levels- UG, PG, Diploma, Certificate, and B.Tech & M.Tech for working professionals in distance learning. Here you will be able to find approved and the best B.Tech distance education universities in India.

Whatever specialization you wish to pursue, whether it is b tech civil engineering distance education, or electrical or electronic distance education, you will be able to find every bit and detail over here about the course. Not only information, you will directly find all the approved online/distance universities that offer the course of your choice. 

Mechanical engineering distance learning in India is really popular but people still struggle to find the right university. This is because clear, concise, and organized information about the course is not really present anywhere. This is why Distance Pathshala is an ideal choice for all these professionals.

Why? Because this is a one stop solution.

  • Here, you will get detailed information about the B.Tech distance education course and all its specializations.
  • You will find all the UGC-DEB approved universities offering this course and all the details about those universities.
  • The best part is that the portal gives you the chance to compare different universities on a single screen with just a few clicks. This saves your hassle of going back and forth and juggling between several websites.
  • Another advantage here is that if you are still confused, Distance Pathshala provides career counselling services wherein you can talk to education experts who will guide you on your career and give unbiased advise on university selection.
  • Distance Pathshala even offers admission assistance to individuals who have decided on a particular university. You will get a dedicated counselor who will be in constant touch with you and the university and act like a bridge. But you do not have to worry about any commission or fraud because it is only an information portal who will help you connect to your ideal online/distance university and your fees will only go to the university.

Some of the top universities that offer B.Tech in distance education are BITS Pilani (WILP), Lingaya’s University, and Shri Venkateshwara University. You will find all the necessary details about all these universities on Distance Pathshala. So wait no more, and compare universities at Distance Pathshala to find that one ideal university which will help you excel in your career and reach greater heights.

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