How Corporate Videos Work the Magic for Global Brands?

Video marketing is a powerful tool, corporates, big brands &, and multinational companies know the importance of video marketing & how can explainer video services prove beneficial in marketing a brand more effectively. Top companies like Google, Apple, Samsung & many others companies are just willing to spend millions in composing video content that works like a magic boosting their sales for the good. Brands & big businesses from all around the world who used video marketing or explainer video services to target the audience noticed a 50% increase in their total sales volume when compared to the time when they didn’t use any video marketing campaigns or advertisements.

Powerful brands know the importance of marketing, as marketing is the best ever investment a company can make. In modern times traditional marketing tools such as advertisements on television, radio, newspapers & magazines have become outdated. Digital marketing tools such as websites, social media & explainer videos have emerged as winners in the modern marketing game. Today we discuss in-depth what are explainer videos, & how can a video work like magic for global brands to advertise themselves to their target audience.

What are Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, informative videos that give the viewer a short-detailed glimpse of your product, services & brands. Explainer videos are a very effective tool for communication & marketing, with the use of animations, graphics, special effects, voice-overs, sounds, subtitles, & many other tools the explainer video can be customized according to the interest of the target audience you want to advertise the videos.

All explainer videos are very effective, but the most successful are animated explainer videos, these videos are graphically intense & tend to improve the focus of the viewer by 95% more when compared to other explainer video types. Explainer Mojo is the leading company that provides animated explainer video services at competitive prices in the USA. The average animated explainer video pricing can be anything from $700 to $7000 for a 3-minute animated explainer video.

Why Videos Work Like Magic for Global Brands

Brands from all around the world are becoming smarter & efficient in advertising & marketing. Modern digital marketing tools are very effective & cost-efficient when it comes to having higher ROI in marketing activities. Explainer videos are tools that work well with modern digital marketing platforms, global brands are willing to spend millions on explainer video services as it provides a healthy return on investment.

Everyone Prefers Videos

The internet is flooded with content that is used for marketing top brands, content in written, image & video formats are effective when it comes to marketing on the internet platform. Video content has proven to be a winner over written & image content as it’s more engaging & pleasing to the eyes. More audiences are attracted & get engaged to video content, above animated explainer videos have proven to attract the attention of the audience 95% better when compared to other explainer video types. Brands such as Apple & Google use only video marketing campaigns on social media platforms to spread brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

A healthy dose of motivation for growing a business is that explainer videos can be used to spread brand awareness in the surrounding markets & very competitive prices. Videos are very effective when it comes to spreading brand awareness in a short span of time, this is also effective if you aim to advertise your brand in oversea markets. Explainer videos & animated explainer videos can be used as tools to spread brand awareness at competitive pricing.

Online Visibility

Almost every company today is blessed with a website, companies, brands & businesses use their websites as a brochure or visiting cards. All the details of the company are mentioned on the website. Adding an explainer video to the website content makes it more valuable to the search engine. This eventually helps your website rank higher on the search engine making it more visible to customers that are looking for your products & services. Having a video on your website also helps users spend more time on your website & continue to engage them. All these factors just make your company’s profile more visible on the internet platform.

Quality Customers

Global brands use videos to advertise their products & services to the target audiences. This is a very effective way of gaining more quality customers without spending on expensive advertisements. Videos can be further marketed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Youtube to gain the attention of more target customers. Explainer videos directly target the interest of an audience, & cost-efficient digital marketing strategies with the use of video marketing campaigns setups a perfect outcome for quality customers to enter the sales funnel of a company.

Best Explainer Video Production Company in USA

Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video services company in USA that provides a wide range of services related to explainer video production all under one roof. At Explainer Mojo we are a team of professional content creators that make the best video strategies. Our team makes customized videos based on the requirements of our clients, all the aspects from production, to editing & the final outcome is done by our team. We also provide animated explainer video production services; our animated explainer video pricing is highly affordable & convenient. We are the best explainer video services company in USA, feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today.








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