What Are The Job Opportunities After BBA Degree


India has seen phenomenal growth in the field of Business Administration and Management in the last 5 years and is still growing at an exponential rate. The country is slowly becoming a hub for start-ups because of which employment in the corporate sector has been on a rise. The industry is actively seeking experienced professionals in the Management and Business Administration sector. This is why the graduates of BBA and MBA courses are top choices for recruiters in the corporate sector.

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and is a 3-year undergraduate course. You can pursue this course in regular (offline) mode as well as in online and distance mode. Some of the best distance education university in India for BBA are NMIMS, Online Manipal University, Amity University Online, and Uttaranchal University. All these colleges offer the best BBA distance education in India.

BBA is one of the most preferred undergraduate courses by students from all streams. This is because it is a course that opens doors to career opportunities in a lot of different fields. You can venture into fields like HR management, finance, real estate, management, manufacturing, operations & supply chain, IT, event management, marketing, and some more.      

BBA Jobs 

BBA is a really versatile course as it prepares you not just for jobs but you can also plan to start your own business. This is why BBA graduates are able to achieve high-level positions early on in their careers in comparison to graduates of other UG courses. 

After pursuing the BBA course, you are eligible for jobs across both private and government sectors. The jobs that you get after pursuing BBA are quite lucrative and offer fairly good salary packages. The course is not just economically beneficial but you also get to explore a lot and form a good professional network. 

Following are some of the top jobs after a BBA degree: 

Business Development Manager 

Average Salary-  INR 6,10,000/- 

Job Description- As the name suggests, the job of a business development manager is to grow and develop the business by maintaining strong a relationship and communication between the business and its customers. It is their job to constantly look for potential customers who can help their business grow and prosper. 

  1. Accountant 

Average Salary-  INR 3,00,000/- 

Job Description- Accountants are very vital assets of any corporate organization as they are the ones who are responsible for preparing and maintaining financial reports for the organization. As an accountant, you will have to file tax returns, make sure that all corporate taxes are paid timely, and ensure that all compliances are timely made. 

2. Commodity Trader 

Average Salary-  INR 12,00,000/- 

Job Description- As a commodity trader, you will have to deal with the financial markets because you will be the one who will be arranging funds for the business operations of your organization. It is also your job to carefully study the financial market you get involved with to avoid any sort of risk. You will be facilitating transactions for commodities like currency, stocks & bonds, securities, etc. You will be like a financial advisor for your clients.  

3. Operations Analyst 

Average Salary-  INR 5,00,000/- 

Job Description- Your job as an operations analyst will be to ensure the optimal performance of the business by developing and implementing business practices. The exact duties may differ across organizations but the general duties include the evaluation of procedures and operations within an organization. You may also have to analyze and update existing or new products/services and work on improving the designs, implementation, practices, etc.   

4. Investment Banker 

Average Salary-  INR 10,00,000/- 

Job Description- An investment banker is a very important person for any organization private or government when it needs to raise capital. The job of a financial banker also includes examining and improving the capital needs and financial health of the organization. As an investment banker. It is also your job to work towards fulfilling the financial goals of the organization and to do so, you will have to recommend strategies and policies to manifest those goals.     

5. Financial Manager 

Average Salary-  INR 8,00,00/- 

Job Description- A financial manager usually works at consulting firms. However, the work of a financial manager is such that they are needed in all fields. As the name suggests, you will have to manage the finances of an organization. This management also includes analyzing existing weaknesses and predicting future risks about the financial situation of the company. You are also required to formulate new financial goals and work on achieving them. 

6.Loan Officer

Average Salary-  INR 3,00,00/- 

Job Description- Loan officers work at financial and lending institutions and often work with individual clients or companies. It is a loan officer’s duty to convince customers for using the company’s loan services. For this, a loan officer needs to focus greatly on customer services so that the company can retain clients as regular customers as well. Well, it depends on the organization you work for, but sometimes you might also have to fulfill sales goals within a particular duration. 

7. Equities Trader 

Average Salary-  INR 3,20,00/- 

Job Description- Again, as the name suggests, an equities trader is responsible for selling and buying equities on behalf of the organization or client. Not just trading, the job also includes offering advice and generating strategies on matters related to equities trading based on analysis of financial information and market research trends. Equity traders are also responsible to assist organizations with complex transactions. 

Government Jobs After BBA Degree 

It is a myth that only the private sector offers jobs to BBA graduates. There are many job opportunities in the government sector as well. Many government departments like Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) and banks offer several job offers to BBA graduates. Even some of the top organizations like GAIL, Ministry of Commerce, SAIL, and other similar ones offer great opportunities to even BBA freshers.     


span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The average salary in the government sector for BBA graduates is around INR 5 LPA. the benefit of government jobs is that you get several other monetary benefits and allowances apart from the in-hand salary.

Some of the popular roles in the government sector for BBA graduates are: 

Job Role  Average Salary 
Probationary Officers (PO) INR 6.5 LPA 
Indian Administrative Service (IAS)  INR 9 LPA 
Accounts Managers  INR 6 LPA 

Summing Up

BBA is definitely a great undergraduate course as you do not even need a postgraduate degree for an amazing career. The BBA degree alone is enough to help you thrive in your future career. You can go for regular BBA courses, but another wise option is to go for a distance BBA course as it is economically better and offers enough flexibility so that you can pursue jobs along with pursuing the degree. So, you gain the degree and the work experience at the same time. A career after BBA is definitely secure and offers incredible exposure and networking opportunities so that you can even start your own business venture.

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