Why Online BCA Degree is Relevant in 2023?

Today as it opens multiple doors of career opportunities for even freshers in the IT industry. The IT sector is evolving at an unprecedented rate, cropping up new and better career opportunities every single day.

There is no doubt that Computer Science professionals are one of the highest-paid in the world and that the IT industry is one of the most lucrative career destinations for millions of young aspirants across the globe. A degree in Computer Science is definitely your quickest option for a global career. The spectrum of job opportunities after pursuing a BCA is extremely wide.

BCA is just an undergraduate degree but it gives you a great kickstart very early on in your career in comparison to other corresponding UG degrees. This is a degree that proves to be a boon especially for freshers because you get decent jobs in the IT sector immediately after you complete the degree.


However, we are here talking about the online BCA program and that makes a huge difference! The online and distance mode of education has their own advantages. So, in this article, we will be discussing the top 5 reasons you should enroll for an online BCA degree course. You will also get to know other relevant info in this article like the best university for BCA distance education, BCA distance course fees, the jobs, salary, and career scope after an online BCA degree course.

So, let’s get started without further ado!

  1. Multi-Faceted & Lucrative Career Prospects

An online BCA degree allows you to venture into various domains because you get the chance to be employed in several sectors apart from IT like finance, banking, trading, healthcare, education, and transportation. All these sectors are always looking for experienced professionals in the field of Computer Applications. BCA is a great choice if you’re looking for diverse career opportunities.

Now, when you talk about monetary benefits, then you should know that IT professionals are some of the highest-paid today. Computer engineers in any sector today are among the best well-paid freshers out there in the industry. Online BCA graduates enjoy a lucrative base salary of approx INR 5-6 LPA, which is a great number to kickstart your career as this number only grows further with experience.

  1. Great Networking & Global Career Options

Online BCA is an undergraduate program that opens up various great career opportunities quite early in your professional career. As a fresher, it is a great opportunity for you to build a good professional network as you will get ample chances to interact with experts, veterans, and leaders from the industry. Online BCA is really helpful in building this network because during the program your university will conduct several webinars and interactive sessions to help you network more and better.

This networking is really important if you wish to grow faster in your career as it will help you build from the ground up and in situations when you switch jobs. A career after BCA with a good network can even lead you to various global career opportunities as well as you are open to so many different industries. You can get even better global opportunities if you pursue an online MCA degree after your online BCA degree.

  1. Many Job-Oriented Specializations Available

Computer Science and Computer Applications are vast subjects and there are many specializations within them that are separate subjects of their own. Some of these specializations are so much in demand that there is a lack of professionals in these sectors as there are not enough experienced individuals to fill the vacant spots.

Some of these top specializations are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Science, the Internet of Things, Cloud Technology, Blockchain Technology, Full Stack Development, and Information security. All of these are highly innovative and in-demand specializations and even help you in your career at a global level.

  1. Affordable & Flexible

When you pursue BCA in the online and distance mode, the greatest advantage that you get is the extremely affordable fee structure and the flexibility with which you can pursue the course. The average BCA distance course fees is less than INR 2 lacs which is a lot less than the fees of regular BCA which will cost you around INR 2-5 lacs. Along with affordability comes the flexibility of how you pursue the course.

Since this is an online course, you do not have to go to college, you can attend online classes from anywhere and at any time as the video lectures are recorded. So, this saves you a lot of time and you can utilize this time to enhance your knowledge and hone your skills. You can pursue additional skill development courses, or you can look for internships or a job. The flexible mode of education helps you balance both studies and work to let you make the most of your time.

  1. Paid Internships with Top IT Corporations

The online BCA course is a versatile one and shapes individuals into expert professionals in their fields. The course not just equips them with technical knowledge but also with soft skills required in today’s corporate world. This is why top IT companies hire promising BCA students for paid internships and train them professionally so that they can later hire them full-time after they complete their graduation. The internship already makes them aware of the work that is expected of them.

Best University for BCA Distance Education

There are several good universities all over India that offer online and distance BCA courses so it is difficult to just choose one best BCA distance education university as all of them are good in one aspect or another. We have listed below some of the best universities that provide the online and distance BCA course.

  • Amity University Online
  • Online Manipal University
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU) Online
  • Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education
  • Hindustan University CODE
  • Chandigarh University Online Learning
  • Chandigarh University Distance Learning
  • SASTRA University
  • MMU Online
  • Uttaranchal University Online
  • Vignan University

BCA Distance Course Fees

The average BCA distance course fees range between INR 1.2 to 2 lacs for the entire duration of the program. The exact fees vary for each university. The following table lists the semester-wise fees for the online BCA program at different online universities in India.


Semester-wise BCA Distance Course Fees 
University Name Semester-Wise Total Fees 
Amity University Online INR 26,600/-
Online Manipal University INR 20,000/-
LPU Online INR 29,000/-
Manav Rachna CDOE INR 26,000/-
Hindustan University CODE INR 17,500/-
Chandigarh University Online Learning INR 27,500/-


Jobs, Salary, & Career Scope After Online BCA Degree

The scope of a great career has already been iterated in this article several times. There is no doubt that a career in the field of Computer Science/Applications is secure for a long long time to come. The industry is expanding and there are new inventions every other day creating more and more room for IT professionals in the industry.

After pursuing the online BCA program, you are eligible for jobs in both the private and public sectors. For government jobs, BCA graduates can join the IT departments of public corporations like BHEL, SAIL, and NTPC.

There are a lot of top IT companies that hire BCA graduates at decent packages. The average starting package offered by such companies is around INR 5-6 LPA. This package grows quickly as the demand for experienced experts is a lot and there are very less professionals to fill this gap.

Following are some of the top job roles and their respective salaries that you can expect after pursuing the online BCA course. 

Job Roles & Salary After Online BCA Program 
Job Role  Average Annual Salary 
Web Developer INR 4,50,000/-
Software Engineer INR 6,50,000/-
Full Stack Developer INR 7,00,000/-
System Analyst INR 6,50,000/-
Software Tester INR 3,50,000/-
System Administrator INR 5,00,000/-


Summing Up

By now you must have understood why you must enroll for the online BCA program. It is now time for you to find the right online university to pursue this course from. It is really important to find an authentic one because there are many online universities out there that are not approved by the government of India to offer online degree courses and so their degrees are not valid.

The university that you choose for your online BCA program must be UGC-DEB approved for the degree to stand valid. You must also check for other important things like the facilities offered, the digital infrastructure, the fees, the faculty, etc. You can easily do so at Distance Pathshala without the hassle of going from one website to another. Here you will find all the information about any online and distance university you want. You can even compare different universities based on some important characteristics using the comparison features at Distance Pathshala and then choose only the best one because you deserve it!


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